Dental implants provide a more permanent solution for missing teeth.

By replacing the root of a tooth, a dental implant can help secure a crown, bridge or denture in a way that looks natural.

Not only do dental implants help you chew and speak and smile, they also save your bone. With a 97% success rate, dental implants are the most predictable, most well researched procedure that we do in dentistry today.

When teeth are lost there is a rapid loss of bone that continues with time. If you are wearing dentures (false teeth), the pressure of the dentures on your jaw and gums causes an even more rapid loss of bone. This loss of bone is what causes the classic aging appearance. Someone with missing teeth will look decades older. By placing dental implants earlier, bone loss is minimized.

Let’s look at some important statistics:
Percentages of Adults Missing Teeth


Entire Adult Population


By Age 65


By Age 75

Why wait for facial changes and other problems? The goal of modern dentistry is to restore you to good health in a predictable way. You may be unable to restore your normal chewing, speaking, and aesthetics with dentures (false teeth) or partial bridgework. Your function and aesthetics are affected by bone loss. Continued loss of bone leads to irreversible facial changes. An implant should be placed while there is still enough bone. Implants preserve precious bone. Implants are highly predictable, even if you get a little lazy about your maintenance.

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