Sedation Dentistry

Is Sedation Dentistry right for you?

Sedation Dentistry may be right for you if you have experienced:

  • fear and anxiety
  • issues with needles and shots
  • a previous traumatic dental experience
  • difficulty numbing
  • problems concerning your gag reflex
  • tooth sensitivity
  • complex dental problems
  • embarrassment about your teeth
  • a limited schedule

After you have experienced Sedation Dentistry, all your fears concerning dental visits will fade away. You will be lightly sedated, almost as if you were napping. After your treatment, you will be refreshed without memory of sights, sounds and smells of the procedure. With sedation, you are in a complete state of relaxation, allowing the dental visit to breeze by quickly, and, on your part, effortlessly.

Those with busy schedules find sedation dentistry especially helpful, as we can often complete multiple treatments in a single visit. Imagine obtaining the smile you’ve always dreamed of without the fear and anxiety of dental treatment.

Prior to your visit, you will be prescribed a medicine, which will calm your fears and make your trip to our office more comfortable.

When you arrive at our office, you will be promptly greeted and brought to one of our treatment rooms where you will be made comfortable with heated, massaging chairs, restful music and the care of our gentle staff.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

We begin the sedation process by first monitoring your vital signs. This is easily accomplished with a state of the art monitoring system similar to those used in the hospital. Next, the sedation medicine is given either orally or by IV, depending on your preference.

After you become relaxed, we will complete your dental treatment. When your procedure is finished, you will be brought home by a friend or relative. You will feel refreshed and relaxed and with little or no memory of your dental treatment.

Complicated dental procedures are done quickly and easily, all in one visit. Also, Dental Sedation helps to reduce your fatigue during and after dental appointments.

If you have difficulty numbing, you will find Sedation Dentistry to be a painless, easy and safe alternative.

What does it feel like to be sedated?

With Sedation Dentistry, also know as Conscious Sedation, you are actually awake during your treatment. You feel relaxed and removed from your surroundings, while maintaining the ability to respond to questions.

How safe is Sedation Dentistry?

There are risks with any type of treatment, however, Sedation Dentistry, when performed properly under the care of a specially trained staff, is extremely safe. As a precaution, our office features a reversing agent, which counteracts the effects of the sedation within minutes. Thus we are able to return you to consciousness at any time.

What are the actual drugs used in Sedation Dentistry?

We utilize a number of different medications in our sedation treatment based upon the length of your appointment and your current medical status. When you come in for your sedation consultation, we will discuss in detail the type of medications to be used during your procedure.

Are there any lingering side effects from Sedation Dentistry?

Some patients will feel tired immediately following their treatment. The most common after effect however, is little or no memory of your treatment- a welcome side effect for those who are anxious or fearful of treatment.